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On MSME registered company life line - Generator Rental

Rental Generator. Get To Know Us

Welcome to the Chennai, Tamilnadu area’s most favourable Rental Generator shop. in 24 x 7 operation, Since 1997. 
We’ve been offering our customers a unique Generator Rental experience with a wide selection of power range and services. 

Get value and reliability that can only come from Rental Generator in Chennai. Our new diesel generator sets offer the availability you need to keep your business running during a power outage.

Where you need it, Whenever you need it. Generator Rental

N M D Group offers standard and customized Generator Rental solutions for all your applications, where you need it, whenever you need it. Generator Rental in Chennai | Generator Rental near me | Genset Rental in Chennai | Generator on Rent

generator rental near me

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Intuitive technology.
The vast array of cutting-edge technologies found in the N M D Group 
Rental Generator ensure that time spent in the Home / Office / Industries is an absolute pleasure. Convenient functionalities combined with captivating design.

Low-carbon energy in the Rental Generator | Generator Rental in Chennai | Generator Rental near me | Genset Rental | Rental Generator | Generator Hire | Genset Hire | DG Hire | Rental Generator in Chennai

Generator Rental commercial and industrial, our selected Rental Generator is the force behind the world’s most innovative low carbon energy-powered Generator and applications—equipped to power all your needs, large and small. 

All You Need to Know Rental Genset

We periodically replace the Rental Generator with New ones and the average age of all Gen sets never exceed 5years.

We neither assure nor promise the customers, what we cannot deliver.

Genset Rental High Fuel Efficiency, Low Emission Levels, 24x7 Service Support

N M D Group understands how essential uninterrupted power is for all – home, business and commercial. Powered by the technologically advanced power generation solutions starting from 7.5kVA to 750kVA, our Rental Generator range is geared to take on the most challenging applications.

Our Generator power solutions are built in to deliver consistent performance across all industry segments, ensuring that you always stay ahead of the rest. We promise quality
Generator Rental products and exceptional customer support

 What We Do Generator Rental

At N M D Group, our customers always receive VIP treatment.
with a wiew to meet the requirement of various customers, we have invested
in owning around 75 nos. of Diesel power generators Rental sets. The power range available with us is from 12 Kw to 600 Kw. ( 3 phase 415volts 50Hz )

We Transport, Installed and Commison the DG Rental Services at customer's site, as per their need. the Diesel Generator Rental set are of three kinds, such as Sound Proof Generators , Open Type Generator hire and Trailer Mounted Generator Rental Sets.

Necessary handling equipments and transportation facility are available with us.
Necessary Qualified technicians and skilled labour in our employ, carry out the DG Rentals set Instalation and commissioning activities at customer site.

Diesel Power Generator Hire

Generator Rental in Chennai | Diesel power generator rental | power generator rental | gen

Genset Rental Near me All That We Offer

N M D Group offers the most economical and viable solution to the customer in his requirement for Hire of Power Generator Set
The success of our Firm, and the reason we keep growing, is largely based on our timely and dependable service.

Generator rental
We only hire - rental Diesel power generator ranging from.

15Kva | 25Kva | 30Kva | 40Kva | 62Kva | 82Kva | 100Kva | 125Kva | 160Kva | 250Kva | 500Kva | 750Kva |1200Kva|

Genset rental
On Weekly, monthly or long term rentals - hire.

Power generator rental
We can offer sound proof diesel power generator, at reasonable rates on both long term and short terms periods.

Generator hire
Genset will be installed and commissioned within 1 days from date of order.

Generator rental-chennai
Best technical support, Effective and timely service.

Generator hire
Should you have any such requirement please contact us.

All You Need to Know Genset Rental Near me

Our sets are maintained to consume the optimum quantity of Diesel.

A Wide Generator for Rent Near me Selection You’ll Love

N M D Group offers our customers a wide selection of Rental Generator products at competitive market rates from the best brands available.
Whether you’re looking for a Generator on Hire of particular brand, or need guidance on Power selection, we at N M D Group are ready to be of service.

generator rental service in Chennai

Feel The DG Rental Difference

Everything we do at N M D Group is geared towards providing our customers with a unique and more than satisfactory Rental Generator experience. 
The following are just a few of the features we provide to ensure a great shopping experience at our.
Read below to see what makes us different from all other Rental Generator shops in the area.

Diesel Generator for Rent near me

Whether you’re looking for a particular Rental Generator item, or need guidance on which item will best suit your needs, our Rental Power Generator experts are here to guide you. 
N M D Group offers our customers a wide range of brand name products at competitive market rates. 
We’re proud to offer a wide selection of brands at our Contact us today.

All You Need to Know Genset Rental in Chennai

We can assess the load demands of companies and offer advise on the size of set to be installed for techno- commercial considerations.

Tried.... Tested Generator Rental Services. Trusted Rental Generator.

At N M D Group, we make your satisfaction our main priority by offering our customers Genset Rental of the industries best brands. 
Check out some of our most popular Rental DG ones below, and be sure to
come to our shop to test them. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed. Rental Generator | Generator Rental-Hire |

Answers You Need Genset Rental chennai

Need assistance? Check out our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. We understand that finding the perfect Genset Rentals product can be a difficult process. 
That’s why one of our team members will always be there to assist you. 
If you can’t find the answer to your question here Genset Rentals, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’d be more than happy to help. Generator Rent near me | Genset Rental-Hire | DG Rental-HIre | Genset Rental-Hire

Who’s Behind Our Business Genset Rental near me

We believe that great companies stem from smart and loyal employees, which is why we only hire the best, brightest, and friendliest, skilled employees.
Genset Rentals With our amazing staff at the heart of our business, we know that when you walk through the shop of our N M D Group, you’ll get great service every time. Learn more about the people on our all-star team below.

Your first business dealing with us will be the best proof for our sincerity, ability and timely execution Genset Rental.

Working With You

N M D Group is pleased to provide Generator rental service information on new technologies as well as innovative solutions to power your business.

Trust the Pros, Diesel Generator on Rent

N M D Group, Rental Power Generator delivers clean, reliable, fuel-efficient Gensets whenever and wherever you need them.

Let’s Succeed Together, Generator for Rent Near me

Our Manpower is fully qualified to maintain the machinery in good order and offer flawless service.

Helping Businesses Blossom, Dg Set Rental

We own and maintain 74 Rental Generating sets of reputed makes.

For Your Convenience, DG Set On Rent Near me

We are capable of installing a Rental Genset at the customers site in the shortest possible time.

We Can Fix It, DG on Rent Near me

We strive relentlessly to maintain and improve the quality of Genset Rent Service that we offer.

Electric Power, life line, for performing all kinds of activities , is provided by the goverment. Any systems is adept to failure and at such critical moments we,N M D Group can serve your need and fill in the blank with our Generator Rental. Thos the sectors we can service are

  1. Office complexe

  2. Industrial Sites

  3. Hospitals

  4. Educational intuitions

  5. Domestic complexes

  6. Entertainment centres

  7. Data Centres

  8. Telecoms

  9. Television

  10. Commercial centres

  11. Manage / Conference centres

  12. Construction / Fabrication site

N M D Group experts work with you to design a system to meet your individual power needs.

We N M D Group tend to Generator Rental develop features according to our customers' needs, so feel free to let us know if you feel like the Generator Rental Service is missing anything you need. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.

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