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Motor rewinding and Service

Providing Everything You Need

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Industry Leading Repairs - Motor Rewinding

N M D Group is a full-service Electric Motor Repair Shop. We offer a wide variety of services to keep your motor rewinding running smoothly. We guarantee that our highly trained experts will get you back on the Best Motor Rewinding just as soon as possible.

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Quality Electrical Motor Rewinding 

At N M D Group, we aim to Electrical Motor Rewinding prevent problems before they happen. We use the latest Electrical Motor winding insulation diagnostic technologies and the highest quality parts for servicing and repairs. Whatever you need, we have the skills to do it right.

motor rewinding shop near me 

Motor rewinding in Chennai
Motor Rewinding in Chennai, Tamilnadu
Motor Rewinding in Chennai, Tamilnadu

Why We’re Unique - Electric Motor Rewinding

N M D Group has been providing the finest Electrical Motor Rewinding  Service Shop since 1985. We’re an independently owned Motor Rewinding shop for any make, and Capacity. Serving the Chennai, Tamilnadu area as an MSME approved shop ensures that our technicians meet the highest industry standards.

Our goal is to be a Electrical Motor Service leader. We’ll do whatever it takes to earn your trust. We believe in providing the highest level of service in all areas of our expertise. We will literally go the extra mile to provide you with that level of service.

motor rewinding shop near me 

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