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Diesel Power Generator Rental-Hire

We only hire-rental Diesel power generator ranging from.


15Kva | 25Kva | 30Kva | 40Kva | 62Kva | 82Kva | 100Kva | 125Kva | 160Kva | 250Kva | 500Kva | 750Kva |1200Kva|


on Weekly, monthly or long term rentals \ hire.


We can offer sound proof diesel power generator, at reasonable rates on both long term and short terms periods.

Repair and service of diesel power generators



Repair and service of diesel generators through knowledgable technicians and skilled labour to trouble shoot, cost effective replacement of parts, overhaul and commissioning.​​

Industrial & domestic wiring.

Industrial cabling & wiring / rewiring of domestic sites undertaken.


Best technical support, Effective and timely service.